What are Cabinet Refacing and How Can it Improve Your Kitchen?

What is Cabinet Refacing? Kitchen cabinet refacing adds structural strength to your current cabinet frames by applying an additional layer of durable plywood veneer, then a durable veneer of wood is applied over the veneered plywood. This provides a solid structure for your cabinet and storage drawers. Many professional craftspeople do exact measurements to ensure that your new refaced cabinet boxes are seamlessly color-matched and seamless so that your new doors and drawers are perfectly color-matched and as perfect as possible with your existing doors and drawer fronts.

Cabinet refacing is a very cost effective way to give your kitchen a fresh new look. If you’re like many consumers today, your cabinets are starting to show signs of aging. In addition to the obvious scratches and fading that come from frequent use, many older cabinets are also built with poor construction techniques that contribute to moisture intrusion, rot, swelling, and warping. When these problems become obvious to you, it’s time to consider replacing them with brand new doors and drawers that will help make your entire kitchen look like new again.

Cabinet refacing projects are not just about fixing up your old, tired looking cabinets. In fact, the process is so much more involved than simply painting or staining them. Although you may think of cabinet refacing as simply stripping your cupboards and doors to create a newer, fresher, more modern look, the process actually involves much more than simply applying new wallpaper or adding new hardware. There are many different kinds of wood and other materials that can be used in this type of renovation. You’ll need to obtain samples of your cabinets’ materials to ensure that you are choosing the right one for your project. While you can often purchase ready-to-assemble cabinet units at a local store or by visiting a furniture retailer, if you want a custom effect, you will have to take your own time and exert extra effort finding the right materials.

The type of material that you choose for your refacing project will depend on a variety of factors, including your budget and what kind of effect you are trying to achieve. If you have plenty of money to spare and are looking for truly unique custom options, choosing a high quality maple or oak wood with intricate details such as cabinet drawer pulls can offer the look of prestige and luxury. However, if you are working within a fairly limited budget, you may want to opt for less expensive materials that offer the same look for a fraction of the cost. One popular choice for both affordable and custom options includes Fabuwood cabinets, which are available in a number of different styles and finishes.

If you’re not working with the money you have available but would still like the same look of your old hardware, consider installing veneers over existing hardware. It doesn’t matter whether you want the veneers to cover stains or just the stain itself because veneers are a clear, laminate-like covering that looks exactly like wood. While installing veneers over veneers is an easier procedure than the do-it-yourself method of refinishing cabinet surfaces, it is also more labor-intensive. If you are planning to use veneers, you may want to seriously consider hiring Louisville Cabinet Restoration to complete the job, as doing it yourself may yield better results. However, if you want a totally new custom look, veneer refacing is an option that is worth considering.

Kitchen refacing is only one part of the renovation process, and while it will give your kitchen a new and modern look, rest assured that other areas of your kitchen will be equally affected by the work. For example, finishing the walls and updating lighting are two other things that can drastically alter the appearance of your kitchen. The choices for kitchens are almost limitless, which makes it possible to create any kind of space and design that you imagine. In order to maximize your home’s potential, think about all the ways that your kitchen can benefit from a little TLC. Kitchen refacing is just one aspect of the renovation process, but it is a surprisingly popular choice.