Understanding the Difference Between Public Adjusters and Independent Adjusters

The terms “independent”public adjuster” seems to mean different things when you’re reading the fine print of your insurance policy. While both have important roles in the insurance industry, the terms you see may be different than what you should be aware of.

Independent insurance adjusters are compensated by insurance companies on a monthly or yearly basis to adjust your claim for you, while public adjusters work directly for insurance policyholders for the purpose of helping with many of the complicated and intricate processes involved in a typical insurance claim. The term “independent” describes how the person performing the claim is not an employee of your insurance company. As such, he or she is not an employee of your insurance company either. He or she is performing a separate task for you.

Public adjusters, by contrast, are representatives from their respective companies who are paid by the insurance company for each claim they receive. They must be licensed by the state in which they work and are subject to a pre-employment background check. Additionally, public adjusters must have been employed for at least three years in an insurance claim setting, in order to be licensed.

If you have an issue that requires your claim is handled professionally, you want someone who is well trained, experienced, and able to handle your claim appropriately. A good public adjuster will offer fair and accurate advice regarding your policy and the process of making a claim. The best public adjuster will also work with you to ensure you have a fair claim settlement and will help you with filing the appropriate paperwork to go with your claim.

hire a claim adjuster, make sure you choose one who is not affiliated with your insurance company. In many states, they are required to get their certification after working in the insurance claims setting for at least three years. They must also pass a comprehensive background check and meet other pre-employment requirements to ensure their suitability for the position.

As you can see, public and independent adjuster roles are not always the same when it comes to the insurance industry. When it comes to protecting your family and belongings, the lines between the two are often blurred.

One of the reasons why a public adjuster is needed in some states, such as California, is because there are too many claims in a short period of time. If this is the case, you can expect to see your claim adjuster assigned to your claim more than once.

When it comes to choosing your adjuster, you must carefully consider both his or her own unique needs and those of your insurance company. As well as your own needs. For example, a public adjuster will often deal with smaller claims, while an independent adjuster might deal with larger claims. In some states, the adjuster may be required to submit their case to another department, such as the department of motor vehicles (DMV), if your insurance company wants a detailed report on the accident or claim.