Advantages of an Aluminum Fence

Compared to wood, aluminum fences are less expensive and require minimal maintenance. They also are resistant to rust and hail. They can also be customized for a specific look and need.

You can find aluminum fences in many different styles, colors, and heights. You can select from traditional designs with spear tops or contemporary double rail styles. These fences can be a good selling point when you are trying to sell your home. They are also HOA friendly. You can install these fences yourself or you can hire a professional to do the job for you.

The aluminum fence is durable and will last for years. However, it can bend if it is impacted by heavy objects. This is why it is important to choose a quality fence. You want a product with thick rails and sturdy posts. You also want to pick a fence company in Houston that is reputable and offers excellent customer service.

An aluminum fence is also a great way to enhance the look of your property. You can find designs that can fit into any size of yard or pool area. You can also select a fence that is resistant to high winds or rain. Aluminum fences can last a long time and require minimal maintenance. They are also unobtrusive to neighbors and do not provide a hiding place for criminals.

In addition to aluminum fences, you can also find a variety of additional features that can increase the cost. You can add a gate operator rail for automated gates. You can also add rings to 3-rail fences. There are also puppy pickets that are designed to keep small dogs secure. These pickets are 18 inches high and have twice as many pickets as the regular pickets. They can be purchased for around $50.

You can find aluminum fences that have arched gates. These gates are an effective security feature that will keep your kids from entering the backyard. However, you can also find designs that have straight tops. These fences may also be staggered.

Aluminum fences are easy to install. If you do not have a lot of experience, it may be a good idea to hire a professional fence installer. You may also need to resloping the land to make the installation easier. You may also need to hire additional services to help you finish the installation.

You can find aluminum fences that are a flat top or spear top. The flat top design is the most popular, but there are also some designs that are staggered. However, you should choose the fence style that fits your budget. A spear top aluminum fence can also be very decorative. The spear top will make climbing the fence nearly impossible.

You can also find aluminum fences that are available in different grades. There are commercial grade and industrial grade aluminum fences. Some manufacturers offer five to six different grades. The industrial grade aluminum fences are usually about six to eight feet tall. The residential grade aluminum fences are generally about four feet tall.